At WTA Studios, we understand the importance of knowledge sharing in the workplace. It is the foundation of our organization’s operations and the key to building a knowledge-based culture. Our team’s skills directly impact the quality of service we deliver to our customers. One of the ways we foster skill growth within our technical teams is through knowledge-sharing initiatives like Frontend Coffee.

The Frontend Coffee Approach

Frontend Coffee is an internal tech community created as a space for mutual knowledge exchange several years ago. It has since evolved and become a regular meeting where our Frontend Developers come together to share knowledge and build a community within WTA Studios. The goals of these meetings include:

  • Building a community of people interested in the frontend.
  • Actively sharing knowledge.
  • Creating an open culture where everyone can participate and add value.

Making It Work

Community plays a vital role in making Frontend Coffee successful. These meetings are primarily intended for individuals in the Frontend department, but we welcome attendees from all WTA Studios teams, both as speakers and participants. Participation is voluntary and open to all.

Organizing And Managing Meetings

One designated meeting owner is responsible for organizing topics, finding speakers, ensuring substantive value, and gathering needs. However, anyone with ideas to improve the format is encouraged to participate in the discussion. The goal is for everyone involved with Frontend Coffee to feel that they have a significant impact on shaping the initiative.

Meeting Flow

Each host brings their unique style to the meetings and determines the amount of content be covered. The conference format is based on the host’s idea, with the only requirement being that it must be completed within 60 minutes. Meetings may include presentations created in Google Slides, technical demonstrations of code, or simply a moderated discussion on a selected topic. Sessions are primarily conducted in English.

Diversified Topics

Frontend Coffee meetings cover a wide range of topics, including both technical and business-related subjects. Some examples of past meeting topics include:

  • How to research customer needs as a developer?
  • How to communicate with business clients?
  • Non-violent communication (NVC)
  • Understanding the function of the Research and Development department (RnD)
  • Introduction to multi-locale sites
  • The practical use of monorepo
  • Server-side rendering and performance improvements in JavaScript applications.

The goal is to provide a diverse range of topics to meet the interests and needs of all attendees.

The Importance Of Knowledge Sharing

The Importance of Knowledge Sharing

The goal of Frontend Coffee is to promote growth and development within the department. We have found that both technical and business-related topics are popular among participants. There is no set rule for the types of issues that are covered. However, the initiative is generally well-received by developers, and they appreciate the space for learning and growth within the department.

Personal And Professional Development

Attendees of the meetings have the opportunity to improve their skills in a chosen topic. In contrast, individuals who prepare presentations can showcase their expertise, provide value to their colleagues, and practice public speaking skills. First-time speakers have reported that conducting a meeting is a new and exciting experience for them. Additionally, interacting with an audience increases engagement and participation.

Continuous Improvement

After each presentation, evaluation surveys are distributed, allowing participants to provide feedback on display. Speakers receive valuable suggestions for improvement, allowing them to continue to grow their skills and abilities.

Promoting A Culture Of Knowledge Sharing

Frontend Coffee is a platform for collective learning and growth, fostering a sense of community and inclusiveness. It is one of many initiatives that contribute to the overall culture of knowledge sharing at WTA Studios. We can improve our skills as specialists, associates, and consultants by sharing our expert knowledge and building business awareness within the department.

Knowledge Sharing Is Caring

The act of sharing knowledge is not only beneficial for individual growth but also creates a stronger and more connected team. It’s a way of showing care for each other’s development and success. At Frontend Coffee, we strive to promote this culture of knowledge sharing and encourage everyone to become better experts and professionals.