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We believe in a future where all work is done remotely and there are no borders in the global economy. With a dependable tech partner by your side, you can grow your team and expand your software development capabilities.

Staff Augmentation
Our Working Models

Our experienced Recruiting teams produce dream-team results without the hassles of hiring.

3+ Years of Experience

$25 Starting from

5+ Years of Experience

$30 Starting from
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8+ Years of Experience

$40 Starting from
Technical Assessment
Offer Letter
Background Verification
Office Seating
Project Management
On-Site Availability
Resource Monitoring
Attendance Tracking
Monthly Review
Performance Incentives
Replacement & Exit Formalities

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We Hire Top 1% Top-Notch Developer Talent To Boost Your Development Capabilities.

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We Hire Top 1% Top-Notch Developer Talent To Boost Your Development Capabilities


Resources Placed

64 +

Top Developers

12 +

Solution Architects

8 +

Manager Roles

Hiring through WTA is very simple.

Follow 6 steps and have a top 1% software developer fully onboarded in your team.

Create a global, flexible workforce and take advantage of the inherent benefits of on-demand employees to complete projects on time and within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, definitely not. Staff augmentation is a recruitment model that extensively focuses on saving your time and resources while hiring the best talent.

With full-time employees, you are paying for insurance, allowances, infrastructural costs, and more, which can be saved with the staff augmentation model.

Definitely not! This is a common myth associated with the on-demand recruitment model. You get full control and authority over your projects with staff augmentation services.

We are dedicated and determined to provide only the best of the best human resources & talent for your business, which translates to high quality and error-free output.

Yes, definitely! We specialize in remote recruitment, remote onboarding process, and remote documentation, and contracts related tasks under staff augmentation services.

If you are a startup, then we will highly recommend choosing our world-class staff augmentation services to save recruitment costs and heavy investment into full-time employees.

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