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FIO Labs is a Data Science and Data Governance service provider specializing in various open source and proprietary technologies.
Bottom line has been the primary driver for businesses until now, rEInvent your Top Line engagement using ‘Empathetic Intelligence’, the phenomenon of intersubjective engagement ( Def: Ability to think what it might be like to be in the shoes of a person different from oneself, to be an intelligent reader of that person's story, and to understand the emotions and wishes and desires that someone so placed might have) and let ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (Machine Learning & Deep Learning) take care of your Bottom Line!
We help businesses understand Artificial Intelligence & Data Security technologies and leverage these technologies to stay aligned with their strategic objectives; all this while ensuring we have an ambiance and culture where all of us do what we love and love what we do.

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Adding value through our expertise

We believe in going an inch wide and a mile deep in whatever we do, and with more than a decade of learnings we came up with these three mutually complementing services.

What differentiates us


We have training as a precursor to any of our engagements to ensure an effective collaboration.


A healthy mix of agility and flexibility of a startup with the processes and procedures that of a corporate.


Exploiting hiring algorithms & DMIT to onboard open & like-minded folks to build a cohesive team.


Coming from a Six Sigma background, we are adamant about quality processes and procedures at every stage and have systems in place to ensure.


Technologies keep evolving by advances in explorations and we have policies in place to keep ourselves abreast, if not partake, in these advances.


Encouraging unique perspectives & experiences to have interesting engagements that enrich our quality of life & work!

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