Health at Homes Private Limited
(A Unit of Challa “Health at Homes”) GST No. 36AAFCC7869M1ZW Health Care Provider and has empanelled on the App “Health at Homes” offering Healthcare facilities to the persons approaching through the App to undertake provided services and agrees to the fee displayed on the Annexure. Also agrees that their services shall be rated by the user and the App is at liberty to remove them from empanelment depending on the rating. And undertakes to treat and provide health services with skill, reasonable care and contain and undertakes to indemnify the App “Health at Homes” from any Legal action or claims on arising out of on account of his or her treatment.

The User agrees on the following Terms & Conditions for the usage of the App:
1. That this is only a provider of the App “Health at Homes” and it only provides the details of Doctors & various Medical Facilities and Services available from the concerned Doctors and entities empowered and Registered on the App;
2. That the App does not provide any Medical Services and is not in any way responsible for the treatment or diagnostic results;
3. That the User of the App has the choice to choose and avail the Services of the Doctors, Medical Services or Labs or any of the Services from the “Health at Homes” App and the App is only an Intermediate arranging for a common platform so as to commit the user to the Doctors, Medical Services and Labs;
4. The User of the App is liable to pay the charges for the Use of the App and for providing the details of empanelled Doctors, Lab Services and Medical Facilities;
5. The responsibility of the “Health at Homes” ceases once the user is connected to the Doctor, Lab or Nursing care etc., and the User is at liberty to give rating to the Doctor, Labs, and entities so as to enable the App to display same and also enable the Doctors, Labs and entities to improve their services.
6. The User undertakes that she shall not resort to or post any defamatory/Objectionable content on the App except rating;
7. The User to understands that the App is not providing any Medical services and it is strictly a Platform for enabling the user the Interact with the Doctor, Labs and other entities providing Medical Services;
8. The User agrees that the charges collected are only towards the use of the App and not for Medical Facilities;
9. The Charges collected by the App are exclusive and does not include the Fee payable to Doctors, Labs and medical entities;
10. We will not hold Health at Homes responsible for any theft or loss of belongings, personal injury, procedure-related complications or any other damage that may occur during an appointment.

  • I accept that the doctor has not examined me physically.
  • I understand that the doctor is giving me his/her advice based on the information I have provided, and I will not hold him/her responsible for any complications that may occur based on the advice/treatment given through Health at Homes.
  • I am willing to get an online consult at my own risk knowing that it is better to consult in person and be examined prior to following the advice given by the doctor and will not hold the doctor responsible for any complications that may occur during the course of treatment with Health at Homes.
12. The App is integrated with a payment gateway that will use user data to complete payment related functions. H@H is integrated with PayU services. PayU will access user-sensitive data like OTP sent on the user's registered mobile number to process payments.